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Precinct 1 Projects

Eastside Park Land Acquisition

Purchase of approximately 175 acres to allow for the potential relocation of pickleball court and swimming pool.

Indigenous Cultures Center

Proposed establishment of an Indigenous Cultures Center and protected parkland to serve as a cultural and educational hub amongst a series of shared greenways and protected waterways.

Gary Softball Complex

Conservation easement of 50 acres to protect an undisturbed and important watershed that provide scientists and students alike the opportunity to study the Hill Country’s richest time-capsule of biodiversity.

Gregg-Clarke Park Improvements

This project proposes a public skate park and splash bad. In addition, improvements proposed will address landscaping and irrigation, playground, lighting, and sod repair. In addition to improvements.


This conservation easement would preserve watershed function and mitigate flooding risk by limiting development. Protection of the Blanco River watershed will ensure balanced temperature, moisture, rainfall, and overall water quality. 

Purgatory Creek Trail

Conservation easement of over 1,086 acres that would allow for public trail expansion contiguous to the Purgatory Creek Natural Area, La Cima Parkland and the Hays Count La Cima Preserve.

NHO Youth Sportsplex

Rehabilitation and modernization of the Sportsplex to include multi-purpose fields, walking trail, and multi-purpose building for education and training.


This conservation easement would protect approximately 50 acres over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone that offers water quality & quantity protection, flood mitigation lands, and buffers to existing protection in the watershed.

Blanco Bend Ranch

This conservation easement provides an opportunity to preserve landscape, protect local springs, and provide habitat for threatened or endangered animal and plant species. The project proposes a trail corridor that could provide connectivity between Kyle and San Marcos.

Wimberley Youth Sports Association

Proposal of a prioritized project list that identifies needs, improvements and enhancements to existing Sonny Gold facility and purchase of property in Precinct 3 for the construction of a new sports complex.

Pond Park

The land acquisition for Cape's Pond will allow for multi-modal transportation connectivity including hike and bike trails and outdoor recreation opportunities for local families and children.

SMCISD Walking Trail

Proposed paved walking trail connecting a potential Central Office Facility, Child Development Center, Transportation Annex, De Zavala Elementary School, Goodnight Middle School, Bonham Pre-Kindergarten.

John Knox

This conservation easement would protect natural resources like Blue Hole Spring located in the 300-acre summer camp and retreat center.


Conservation easement of a heavily forested area with significant karst features and drainages into Little Sink and Sink Creek. Protecting this property is crucial to water quality and quantity inflows into the Edward's Aquifer and San Marcos Springs. 

Blue Hole Nature Center

This new facility would include a public Nature Center, indoor/outdoor classrooms for nature camp expansion, a greenhouse, a theatre for documentaries, prairie and wetland restoration areas, and staff offices.


Expansion of recreation for all ages with ADA compliance in all locations by creating a new park with play strucutres, adding a gazebo to the town center, educational signage, installing a nature viewing platform and outdoor games to the existing Agusta Park. 

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