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Urban Parks

These projects include but are not limited to recreational facilities, courts or fields, assembly areas for recreations and/or education, pocket parks, and the like.

Woodcreek Park
Project Sponsor: City of Woodcreek | Precinct 3

Woodcreek Park_Playground_edited.jpg
Woodcreek Park_Swings.JPG

Hays County and the City of Woodcreek entered into a funding agreement on November 11, 2022 for improvements and new additions to outdoor recreation opportunities. Hays County has committed $200,000 to be used towards the expansion of recreation for all ages with ADA compliance in all locations. In addition to the Hays Parks Bond funding, the City of Woodcreek will is also contributing $67,500 to complete the project. The improvements include:


  • Creating a new park with play structures (Brookhollow Park)

  • Adding a gazebo to the town center

  • Installing educational signage, a nature viewing platform, and outdoor games to the existing Augusta Park

Gregg-Clarke Park Improvements
Project Sponsor: City of Kyle | Precinct 3


An interlocal agreement between Hays County and the City of Kyle for $10M has been approved to fund park and trail improvements throughout the City of Kyle. These projects include the Kyle Sportsplex, Plum Creek Trail Improvements, and Gregg-Clarke Park. 

Improvements to Gregg Clarke Park include the addition of an irrigation system, splash pad, and public skatepark. Hays Parks Bond funds will be utilized to make improvements to the current playground, lighting, and landscaping. The City of Kyle has also approved a $1M contract for the future skate park.

Kyle Sportsplex Improvements
Project Sponsor: City of Kyle | Precinct 2

Improvements to the Kyle Sportsplex as identified in the interlocal agreement between Hays County and the City of Kyle, include picnic areas, a covered pavilion, outdoor public restrooms, an inclusive playground, sand volleyball courts, fitness/strength equipment, and parking areas. 

The Sportsplex currently sits on almost 70 acres of land in Plum Creek. In addition to funds committed by Hays County through the Parks and Open Space Bond, the City of Kyle has also committed matching funds through the 2020 voter-approved bond election.

Patriots' Hall
Project Sponsor: Patriots' Hall of Dripping Springs | Precinct 4

Patriots Hall Conceptual Site Plan_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Patriots' Hall is a 10-acre retreat and resource base for all veterans and their families in the Hays County area to connect and find support. The Gathering Hall will provide therapeutic classes, vet-to-vet mentoring, educational and motivational workshops, and job networking. The property currently has a newly built meeting house with plans to continue building additional facilities such as a gathering hall, wellness center, and outdoor amenities.

Hays County Commissioners approved $1.5M from the Parks and Open Space Bond to fund the mortgage payoff of Patriots Hall. A small gathering was held in October of 2022 to celebrate this milestone with a ceremonial burning of the mortgage document.

Dripping Springs Skatepark
Project Sponsor: Dripping Springs Skatepark, Inc., | Precinct 4


On June 7, 2022, Hays County entered into an agreement with the City of Dripping Springs, Dripping Springs Community Foundation (DSCF), and DS Skatepark, Inc. for the development of the first-ever skatepark in Dripping Springs. DS Skatepark, Inc. started the vision of a skatepark nearly three years ago and has since garnered support through community donations. This future 12,000 square foot skatepark will be located on 1.5 acres at the north end of Founders Memorial Park. 

Entity responsibilities stated in the agreement:

  • Hays County: Funding for construction 

  • City of Dripping Springs: Land donation and park operations 

  • DS Skatepark, Inc.: Design and construction of skatepark; community fundraising

  • DSCF: Holding, distribution, and tracking of funds


With this agreement, Hays County is allocating $624,250 from the voter approved 2020 Hays County Parks Bond for the construction of the new skatepark.

Read the press release from the City of Dripping Springs or visit to learn more.

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